TVL’s news

As one of Vietnam's leading diversified enterprises, TVL Joint Stock Company currently provides high quality products and services in a number of areas, such as stainless steel, real estate, finance to both domestic and international customers.

To contribute to the community with the highest values, TVL has overcome a long  challenging way. The TVL team cherishes all moments, events and takes it as a step forward to integrate with domestic and international businesses. Let's take a look at some memorable events on this way!

1. Social Responsibility

TVL always implements social responsibility as pride and an indispensable part towards contributing to a community. 

In 2020, Vietnam dealt with 2 waves of Covid-19 epidemic, causing terrible impacts on the economy and people.  In the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, TVL JSC awarded over hundred stainless steel beds to the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases and many local medical facilities to support the health sector with the spirit of "let no one be left behind".


In addition, TVL regularly organizes a series of meaningful activities such as donating necessities, materials and cash to the disadvantages in Ha Nam, Hung Yen, Nam Dinh, …

TVL social responsibility

TVL JSC believes that the good implementation of social responsibility is to achieve the most basic elements for the sustainable development of enterprises, in particular and for the socio - economy of localities and the country in general.


2. Top 10 prestigious enterprises in Vietnam Award

At the launching ceremony "Golden Star of Dat Viet Business 2020", TVL Joint Stock Company was honored to be in the Top 10 prestigious enterprises with high quality products. The award is to honor individuals and enterprises with excellent achievements in manufacture and business activities. 

Through the long process of molding and shaping, TVL Joint Stock Company increasingly affirms its position in Vietnam and international markets with projects that benefit the community and promote Vietnam's economy.

3. TVL ‘s customer conferences 

Aim to constantly improve and develop products, TVL Joint Stock Company has successfully organized many monthly customer conferences in the whole country. By gaining feedback after each conference, TVL  has been making gradual improvements in accomplishing the quality of products and services. TVL strongly appreciates the achievements based on the both-side cooperation and expects long partnerships.

TVL's customer conferences

4. Corporate Networks

With over 20 years experience, TVL SJC has cooperated with dozens of enterprises across the world to provide high-quality products and comprehensive and sustainable services to the community. Also, TVL keeps striving to expand networks to boost the development of Vietnam’s economy.

TVL's partners

TVL is on the mission bringing the best values for customers, partners and community. TVL's priority is human - centered from which to develop sustainable business.