TVL's Business Capacity

With the desire to contribute to the development of the country, the projects of TVL Joint Stock Company are always associated with socio-economic development, bringing great environmental benefits and sustainable values for living.

1. Financial capacity - Information disclosure

Through the process of investing in production and business, TVL Joint Stock Company has identified abundant financial resources as one of the key goals to help the company maintain and develop strongly. With a solid financial potential, the company confidently invests in long-term strategic business projects.

Thanks to the management effort of leadership, the company's revenue and profit has constantly increased in recent years. The investment in production and business activities has been continuously expanded despite the volatile economy. As a result, the company's ability to regenerate capital which is increasingly high, is a solid stepping stone for the company to step forward and prove the company's financial capacity is growing.

2. Investment project

2.1​ ​​​​​​TVL Factory

2.1.1. TVL Full Width Coil Factory - Focuses on producing and processing 1200up coil

Address: Bui Hamlet, Cam Xa Commune, My Hao Town, Hung Yen Province

- Average: 60,000 m2

- Capacity: 30,000 tons / year

2.1.2 TVL 's Stainless Steel Tubes, Narrow Coil and Strips Factory - focuses on producing and processing Tubes, Narrow Coil and Strips

Address: Yen Phu Hamlet, Giai Pham Commune, Yen My District, Hung Yen Province

- Average: 50,000 m2

- Factory area: 12,000 m2

- Capacity: 30,000 tons/year.

2.2. Real Estate TVL

With the desire to contribute to the development of the region, TVL is starting construction of two real estate projects that bring great environmental benefits and sustainable values ​​to life.

2.2.1 TVL Office Building

TVL office building designed and built with the criteria of a high-class office maximizing the prime location in Hanoi. Total attendance is over 50,000m2. The building has 10 floors including TVL's headquarter and offices for lease, meet the needs of office blocks with full functions, services and high-end facilities.


- Modern design, optimal using space

- Smart equipments

- City center location, traffic convenience

- 2 spacious fronts, adjacent to arterial roads

Orientation: Green office, friendly with environment in the centre of Hanoi

TVL office building is intelligently designed in the way of ecological architecture, close to nature. Complex space with the main function of office for lease with full auxiliary space for office activities such as conference space, conference space, relaxation, common activities ... In which green spaces are alternating layout creates a sense of relaxation and comfort for employees when working. In particular, the architectural imprint of the building soaring up to the sky represents development and success, while also creating a unique and unique highlight in the area, making a difference for the Court. TVL office house with any other projects in the urban area.

TVL office building pays special attention to environment-friendly building materials and minimizes heat absorption, takes full advantage of natural light to save costs and use energy effectively inside. office. TVL Office Building will really be the ideal place for businesses looking for a professional, classy workspace.

2.2.2. TVL Housing - Commerce - Servicing Complex 

TVL Housing - Commerce - Servicing Complex is located in Hung Yen province. The project has a total area of ​​50,000 m2 including: a central building and adjacent shophouses:

Central Building:

Central building includes 6 floors with all services as a shopping mall.

- The 1st and 2nd floors are arranged facilities such as fashion stores, food court, cafe, entertainment area ..., auxiliary areas.

- The 3rd and 4th floors includes other entertainment services.

- The 5th floor a complex of sports and health care services, swimming pool and public area for residential.

- The 6th floor is the office for rent.


Adjacent shophouses are great premises for business, promotion and development of commercial, beauty and entertainment services.

TVL Housing - Commerce - Servicing Complex is expected to be the modernest area model integrating a system of commercial and entertainment facilities to help future residents enjoy life with full amenities and promote economy, culture and education in Hung Yen.